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(A recommendation of CRW adopted by Wyton On The Hill Parish Council in Sep 17 and supported by Houghton &Wyton Parish Council on 15 Nov 17
with evidence, data collection and and justification for the LHI Application being managed by CRW Directors now that they have finished overseeing
the successful completion in Mar 18 of their similar Ramsey Forty Foot Traffic Calming Project)

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Download Your Opinion Form HERE complete and scan, then return it HERE
(or for Wyton On The Hill, leave with 8 Bath Cresent or Top Cuts; for Pine Hill Park at #19 for pick up by CRW)

!! STOP PRESS - 24 JUN 18!!

Having personally consulted a broad spectrum of businees and residents from across all the interested/affected
locations along Sawtry Way who have expressed strong opinions about the level of the limit needed
The Sawtry Way Speed Limit Reduction Project proposal, subject to not contravening Highways Policy,
is to make the full length of Sawtry Way
a 40 limit
end to end
between the A141 and the A1123.
This will make the the road a much safer place for all especially the mothers and children using the footpath to/from school/town, the several businesses at the Camp Garage,
the Camp Roundabout and Bus Shelter, the 2 estate entrances and associated busstops,
the busy junction with Mere Way (of an evening) and the junction used by vehicles to access Houghton Rd Industries.
This also places the location were the resident was tragically killed in June 17 within a 40 zone
to give anyone else hit thereabouts by a compliant vehicle a better chance of survival.

Scroll down for the Basis

Cambs County Council seeks to reduce motoring related deaths by lowering 60 mph speed limits on rural roads

If 40 was the best speed limit for the A1123, then it should be the same for the B1090 that has inherited
traffic from the A1123 and those houses have not only been started,
they have been built, so it's now time for action

Basis - Why Bother? - Because we care and so should others because ....
We are told that if a vehicle hits a child at 30 mph there is an 80% chance of survival
but at 40 mph that chance reduced to 20% but it's still a chance everyone deserves.
So to provide our residents, young and old, with the best possible outcome in the event of an impact,
we had best try to make the limit 40 across the camp and estate entrances (or beyond).
We also believe that commercial vehicle drivers these days are mostly compliant
because they have 'insurance' trackers fitted that detect excessive speeds so they will travel at the limit set;
most private motorists are more likely to observe a 40 limit than a one at 50
and too many see the NSL sign (no number on it) as meaning 'de-restricted'
to allow them to use any speed their vehicle will achieve irrespective of the damage it can do.

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